Goodbye Boring Web Design, Hello Trendy!

Life is like a fast moving bullet train. There are things that you look forward to and things that you have to eventually move on. Unnecessary things such as a boring and plain – all-white – web design. Have you ever wondered why the visitors traffic of your website is slow and barely move up? (Yikes!) It is most probably due to the layout of your website. Wake up, the network web world is no longer a colorful or wordy place. Fashion and music isn’t the only thing that have to be trendy, your web design has to be up-to-date too. You have to catch up and learn about the types of trendiest web design and theme. For example like a company from Web Design Malaysia.

You have to understand what makes your website looks so old and left out that would probably chase your visitors away. Therefore, if you are really lost and need a few tips and tricks, here are the things that we have in store for you.

Us humans tend to believe on our first impression towards someone or something. The intuitive sense that we have the second when we open any website keeps telling us whether the brand is going to be really good or just a slack. Besides than the layout and the color, there is another thing that people don’t usually focus on: Typography. It is time for you to ditch those lame default fonts like Times New Roman and weird cursive ones -Jokerman-. Step up because it’s now the big and bold typography era. Mega size and simple words are used to replace images. Sterrific usually create a very short quote that is easy for people to keep track. Something that can represent your brand. There are plenty type of stylish yet simple fonts that you can find in the internet. A lot of them are free and can be used in designing your website. Please remember not to have more than 3 different types of font in your website because it might make your website childish.     

Less is more, am I right? Keep that highlighted in your notebook because too much colors is just way too wrong for a modern Sterrific Web Design. Minor things such as symbols and icons in your website have to be monocolor because they are simple and easy to understand. Having a bit of whitespace and colors for the outline so that they do not appeal heavy for the eyes and the website. It is recommended to choose a color that actually match your website dominant color. What I can say is that minimalist trend is still ongoing due to the futuristic and clean look. Plus, it is the safest choice in adapting with today’s trend. From there, your product can be the main focus and main purpose whenever anyone’s visiting your website. Minimalist touch kind of focuses on the content due to the minimal and less theme.

Extra tip: When photographing on your product in order to put it up on your website, don’t go for heavy and crowded shots. Instead, try the minimal shots which solely focuses on your product in an interesting way.